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Avant-Garde's Salon and Beauty Wiki

A Full Service Beauty, Hair Salon & Boutique Spa.

Located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida for over 40 years.

The Best Hair Salon for Hair Extensions, Hair Coloring, Hair Treatments & Manicures and Pedicures.

The beauty salon, is on Miracle Mile. Salon, beauty experts as well as spa professionals work together to offer the best hair services, body care services and beauty services in the Miami vicinity providing the best salon services and therapeutic spa services available.

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa uses high-end professional products to ensure our work produces amazing results every time. Get long lasting hair color, soft manageable hair and beauty by trusting your hair to the Avant Garde hair experts. Hair Salon offers a wide selection of hair, body and beauty services.

Avant Garde Salon and Spa rated as a Top 10 Salon in Miami


Avant Garde Salon & Spa

Full Service Beauty, Hair Salon & Boutique Spa.

Located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida for over 40 years.

The Best Hair Salon for Hair Extensions, Hair Coloring, Hair Treatments & Manicures and Pedicures.

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Whether you need a simple hair-cut and hair style or want to be pampered with other salon and spa services, Avant Garde Salon and Spa is the best choice for salon services for hair, beauty services, spa services, manicures and pedicures. Get amazing hair up-do's and hair styles.

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa's image is well represented by celebrities exposing our name on TV, popular social media circles and through our good reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Business. The beauty salon is accredited by the BBB.

You will find Avant-Garde's hair styling team participating at charity events for different causes like:

  • Miami Children's Hospital
  • Blue Water Association
  • University of Miami
  • St. Jude
  • Christ Journey

Salon offers hair styling, makeup artists and nail services to the charities.

Avant-Garde's Salon History

The salon was established in 1976. In a very short time, this little salon became very successful and well known in Miami, but we reach clients as far as Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, etc.

In 2010, Avant-Garde Salon & Spa was purchased by a French visionary who previously owned and managed a high end spa in Cannes on the French Riviera, starting a new era in the salon's successful history with the "French flair and glamour". The salon still continues the tradition of excellent customer service, offering complimentary drinks and sweets while you are enjoying the vibe of the place.

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa works closely with high end hotels like the Biltmore, the Hyatt, and the Westin. In recent news, the salon is proud today knowing they are serving the third generation of its' first clients, preparing them for prom or to be married.

Avant-Garde Professional Salon Team create a special vibe and ambiance by working with its heart, respecting, supporting each other, the enthusiasm for challenge is the key of our success.

When people ask about the best Salon Miami or the Best Salon Coral Gables, South Florida locals and celebrities say - Avant Garde Salon & Spa is the premier salon for hair styling services applying the latest hair styles.

Hair Salon and Spa Services

Hair salon services and therapeutic spa services in a lavish spa & beauty salon on Miracle Mile for relaxing Manicures and Pedicures, Hair Services and Beauty Services.

Hair Services

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa offers a wide array of hair services in its' Coral Gables Hair Salon.

The Salon boasts a team of beauty salon professionals offering the best haircuts, hair styling services, braids and updos hair designs.

Professional hair colorists and hair treatment experts.


Men’s Haircuts

Men haircut for all types of hair.

- Clean Male Haircut
- Hip Men Haircut
- Haircut and Color for Men
- Trendy Men's Haircut by Anthony
Women’s Haircut
- Bob cut
- Layered Hair

Hair Styling for Men and Women

Avant-Garde is known for having the best team of hair stylist professionals in Miami.

Avant-Garde take pride on maintaining the best hair and beauty stylists at our Miami hair salon. When searching for a hair salon near you, consider Avant-Garde hair salon Miami's best & most talked about Miami hair salons.

Hair Styles for Men
Hair Styles for Women
- Braids
- Updos
Professional Wedding Hair Styles

Salon has extensive experience in offering beauty salon services to Brides, Grooms and Bridesmaids.

Get an Avant-Garde Beauty Salon Wedding Package to get the best hairstyles, makeup and other beauty and spa services.

Hair Extensions

Avant Garde Salon offers the best hair extensions by using REMI hair (100% real hair) extensions from Great Lengths.

The Keratin Hair Extensions are Real Hair. Avant-Garde Salon and Spa, only uses 100% REAL Hair. Avant-Garde Salon is a Premier Certified Partner of Great Lengths.

Great Lengths is known for having the best quality real hair available, offering many colors and variations to match most hair.

You can add color and highlights to bonded hair extensions. Once you have a particular hair shade chosen, in most case you can change a few shade levels but it is best to sit with one of our hair experts to get full details on what can and can not be done with your current hair extension.

Great Lengths Extensions are bonded to hair by Cold Fusion Hair Extensions bonding. No heat is used and less damage occurs.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Keratin Tip Hair Extensions are the best extensions available providing premium quality hair along with long lasting keratin bonds.

Cold Fusion is the latest beauty technology for extensions and best applied by a certified professional stylists.

Types of Hair Extension
  • Tape Extensions
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions
Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Keratin real hair extensions by Great Lengths, come pre-tipped and are bonded to your hair using the cold-fusion technique. Keratin hair extensions can be cut to style your hair the way you always wanted it to be!

Great Lengths extensions offers more than 35 hair colors, to blend with all colors. Hair colors go from beautiful shinny dark brown shades to amazing natural reds, while offering silky black and natural blonde shades.

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa hair specialist can match rich, dark colors to mellow tints. If you are looking for a new look, get inspired and let your hair stylist conjure up a custom color creation for hair colors using a two-tone hair strand option.

Great Length also offers flow strands which are a type of hair extension installation that perfectly runs from dark to light colors for fabulous effects.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Semi-permanent Bond Extensions last less than bonded extensions. Tape in extensions require frequent removal and last a few weeks

As in all things in life, the better you take care of it the longer it will last. Extensions can be re-used up to 3 times most times.

To provide proper maintenance, wash hair 2-3 times a week so hair does not dry out, while not allowing too much oil to accumulate reducing the life of the tape.

Hair Extension for Wedding Hair Styling
Certified Hair Extensions Professional Salon Hair Extensions

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa is a Platinum Great Lengths Certified Salon.

Hair Coloring Services

Custom blended color dyes, applied by a professional salon stylist and hair coloring experts.

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa uses only the best products and fully trained experienced color and application experts.

Hair Coloring Products:

  • L`oreal
  • Goldwell
  • Redken
  • Schwarzkopf
  • Inoa permanent colors (ammonia free hair chemicals)

Whether looking for a Balayage, Ombre, Babylights, Partial Highlights, Foilyage or Full Highlights, if you’re interested in treating yourself with a new look, we can do single process hair colors or can give your head a make-over with a completely new hair color. Just keep in mind, stay within hair colors that work to help make you look better and that won’t damage your hair.

Colored Hair

There are various Types of Hair Coloring techniques. Hair coloring (hair dyeing), is the process of changing hair color. Most times hair is colored to cover gray & white hair. Other reasons for hair coloring may be to follow a color trends, fashion, special occasions & to restore original hair color after being discolored & desire a color correction.

Highlights and Lowlights

There are various Types of Hair Highlights and Hair Lowlights. Highlights and Lowlights is the process of changing either sections of hair or completely changing the hair color to lighter color and hair strands using hair lighteners. Hair Highlights can be done in natural hair tones as well as unnatural hair colors like pink, blue or other funky color.

Highlights can be applied to any hair color and any length (long/short). Highlights offer you a different look while making hair appear luscious and healthy.

There are many variations of hair highlights and can be done to lighten your hair or highlight in other colors.

Types of hair highlights are:

- Foil highlights {Traditional Technique}
- Hair painting {Like a Balayage or Ombre}
- Frosting
- Chunking
- Styled Highlights
- Other Color Options
Painted Hair

There are various Types of Hair Lightening and painted by hand. Depending on how light you desire to have your hair, will determine the best hair painting technique. Our Color Specialists can recommend the best hair coloring and coloring technique for your hair. To create the best possible hair looks our experienced hair stylists incorporate a few hair coloring techniques.


Come to Avant-Garde Salon and Spa for your next Balayage. Get a Partial Balayage or Full Balayage unique to you. Our color and application experts create gorgeous Balayage Hair Styles!

Our hairstylists will apply hair coloring professionally using a sweeping technique. By having your hair painted by our color and styling experts, you will achieve a beautiful Balayage unique to you.

A balayage allows for less needed hair maintenance since the Balayage hair style does not follow highlighted hair lines like regular highlights.

Balayage hair color is a hair technique initially starting in France, Hairstylists apply hair coloring by a sweeping technique painting on your hair. Rather than using foil like traditional highlights, no foil is used.

The styling effect allows for less needed maintenance since a Balayage does not follow highlighted hair lines like regular highlights.

South Florida's Best Balayage Hair Salon, Balayage Hair Styling, Balayage Color Hair Services, Balayage Hair Stylists


Ombre hair color is similar to a Balayage but instead of a sun-kissed highlights look, it is a transition of a lighter hair shade from a darker shade of the color.

Ombre comes from the French word: shadow. Unlike a Balayage, with an Ombre there are no dark pieces of hair or undone areas on the bottom to look more natural, instead the color/shade fully transition between the colors to the ends.


Foilyage is a Balayage with a lighter blonde look achieved by performing a hair lifting technique to amplify the hairs color lifting-effect. The foliage technique is like balayage but each hair section is wrapped in aluminum foil and heated, allowing hair to get lighter than with the regular Balayage.

Foilyage is a hair technique similar to the Balayage, Hairstylists apply hair coloring by a sweeping technique, painting on your hair. Then like traditional hair highlights, sections of hair are wrapped in foil. Once all hair sections are wrapped, heat is applied, causing the overall hair color is uplifted and lighter.

The styling effect allows for less needed maintenance since a Foilyage like a Balayage does not follow highlighted hair lines like regular highlights.

Funky Hair Colors

Looking for a Funky Hair Color that will wow your friends? Get the latest Unicorn and Mermaid hair trends and styles applied by professional colorist and stylist.

There are various Types of Funky Hair Color techniques. Funky hair coloring is the process of changing either sections of hair or completely changing the hair color to one or more unnatural hair colors.

Examples of funky color hair dyes are: purple, green, blue. Other colors and shades that you wouldn't normally be seen as natural hair color.

Funky Mermaid Hair
Funky Unicorn Hair

Color Correction

Did you know Avant-Garde Salon and Spa can correct your hair if you are not happy with how your hair color came out at another salon?

Schedule a consultation with one of our Color Correction Experts. Our highly trained and experienced hair professionals can recommend the best ways to achieve your best look & making your hair its' healthiest. Our color experts will guide you to the best hair color change and/or highlights, like a Balayage, an Ombre or if Babylights are best. If looking for a Balayage with with the lighter look of hair highlights consider a foilyage and uplift your hair!

Not happy with how your hair color came out?

Schedule a consultation with one of our Color Correction Experts.

The best hair coloring products for funky hair colors, beautiful highlights, Balayage and colored hair.

Color Correction Professional Salon
Color Correction Specialists
Color Correction Hair Salon Coral Gables
Color Correction Hair Salon Miami

Hair Color corrected to proper hair color and tone.

Hair Treatments

Conditioners / Oils

Our hair experts can help you restore the beauty to your damaged hair with our exclusive lines of hair conditioning services are the best products available.

At Avant Garde we work hard at making sure customers experience the experience that Avant Garde is known for. Let Avant Garde create your unique hair style by getting an up-do, perm or some hair curls or hair waves.

At Avant Garde Salon and Spa we have an exclusive hair salon treatments list, including only the best products, tested to make sure they are the best products for beauty. Providing the best hair conditioning treatment salon services in Coral Gables. Get professional deep conditioning treatments, types of hair straightening treatments, hair texturizer for women to create waves and curls. Get hair treatment in salon deep condition and hair botox products. Visit our Salon Pricing page to see cost for botox hair treatment price and other treatment process hair salon prices.

Come in for a hair consultation and beautify your hair at one of the best South Florida's salons servicing locals of Miami in Coral Gables. Our hair experts will recommend the right hair conditioners and treatments to make your hair healthier, smoother, shinny and beautiful!

  • Kerastase Shot (10 mn Treatment)
  • Kerastase Mask (15 mn treatment)
  • Kerastase Chronologiste (30 mn treatment)
  • Moroccan oil Mask (15 mn treatment)
  • L'Oreal Shot (5 mn treatment)
  • L'Oreal Mask (15 mn treatment)
  • Kerastase Discipline (1 hour treatment)
Relaxers and Texturing Treatments

Straightening Treatments for all Types of Hair

Hair treatments include keratin hair treatments, hair botox as well as other hair straighteners and hair relaxers. Most hair relaxing treatments can be performed on all hair types.

Keratin uses gentle skin-conditioning agents to alter hair composition using less harmful chemicals within hair. Keratin treatments are known especially for it powers in reducing frizz in hair. Hair will look smoother, frizz-free and fully manageable.

Salon Professionals straightening to give you permanently straightened hair or semi-permanent for a night out.

Hair Retexturizing Treatments

Are you looking for smooth curls or fun hair waves? Avant Garde Salon and Spa has the right hair specialist for you. Is your hair kinky, unmanageable curly hair or tired of your normal wavy hair? Add texture and body to your hair style? Hair professionals texture your hair to perfection.

We have Keratin treatments to give your hair that smooth look and Hair Botox, Yuko and CHI to relax and straighten curly & wavy hair.

  • Relaxer Treatment
  • Perm Treatment
  • Keratin
  • Chi Texturizer
  • Yuko
  • Hair Botox

Beauty Services


Avant-Garde offers Makeup Application Services for women. Our Makeup Artists are masters applying makeup, false eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

Makeup Artistry by Avant Garde Salon and Spa Professional Makeup Application Services for Miami on Miracle Mile

Women search for a makeup artist when they have a special event to attend and want to look a little extra alluring. Ladies, your search is over. At Avant-Garde we offer makeup application services for women in Coral Gables, close to Brickell with a sense of style.

When you want a little help with your makeup, our Makeup Artists are masters when it comes to applying makeup, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. You’ll learn what shades, tones and colors work best for your skin and facial features. Not only do we apply the makeup but we’ll teach you little tricks of the trade along the way.

We’ll apply your makeup to suit whatever the special occasion may be.

We specialize in handling makeup for brides, bridesmaids and all women involved in the wedding party.

For over 10 years, our makeup application team has been applying the makeup for models, dancers and news anchors on several Univision television shows. We believe this shows our credibility and offers our clientele a sense of comfort that they are dealing with professionals.

Below are some pictures of makeup applied by our beauty specialists!

Women look for a makeup artist when they have a special event to attend and want to look with a little extra fascination. Ladies, your search is over. At Avant Garde Salon and Spa, we offer makeup application services for women in Coral Gables, near Brickell with a sense of style.

If you want a little help with your makeup, our makeup artists are masters when it comes to applying makeup, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions .. You will learn which shades, shades and colors work best for your skin and facial features. Not only can we apply makeup, but we'll show you small tricks of the profession along the way.

We apply the makeup that suits any special occasion you may have. We are specialists in makeup management for brides, bridesmaids and all women who participate in the wedding party.

  • False Eye Lashes Application
  • Bride Makeup
  • Makeup Application
  • Airbrush Makeup

Makeup Artistry in Miami, Makeup Artist Services in Miami, Makeup Artistry, Makeup Application, Makeup Artists

Eyelashes & Brow

Get Professional Eyebrow Shaping, Tweezing and Eyelash Enhancement. Look you best by letting our professional salon team shape and tweeze your eyebrows and shape your eyelashes professionally using the best techniques. Wow your friends with beautiful brows and lashes!

Eyebrow shaping and brow enhancement services.

Avant Garde Salon and Spa knows the best techniques and styles for luxurious, beautifully groomed eyebrow arches.

Just ask one of the many local Miami celebrities which trust our experts for the best shaped eyebrows and long, full lashes.

Even if you don't have full thick brows and eyelashes, Avant Garde will make sure you get the perfect brow shape to bring out your beauty.

  • Eye Lash Tint
  • Eye Lash Curl
  • Eye Lash Tint & Curl
  • Lash Extensions - Black
  • Lashes Extensions 1 by 1
  • Lashes Refill 1 by 1

Eyelashes, Eyelashes Before & After, Eyelashes Thickness, Eyelashes Before & After Lashes Service

Permanent Makeup & Microblading

Avant-Garde the only choice for permanent makeup in the Coral Gables, Brickell and surrounding Miami areas? Our Estheticians are experienced and talented permanent makeup artists.

Do you want to improve your appearance and have the convenience of lip color, eyebrows and eyeliner that won't rub off, smudge or smear?

For many women it can be difficult or even impossible to use traditional makeup because of allergies, vision problems, or physical disabilities. For these and millions of other women who desire to cover scars or are just plain sick of their daily cosmetics routine, permanent makeup has been their best answer. It's a type of tattoo method that can give you the look of naturally applied makeup for eyelids (shadow & liner), eyebrows and lips.

This procedure is particularly popular with people who have lost their eyebrows as a consequence of disease but still want to look their best.

  • We specialize in two (2) techniques of applying permanent makeup to eyebrows. The first technique is a hair-by-hair application to accentuate your existing eyebrow hair. The second technique is used when no hair is available to emphasize. In these situations, we create your eyebrows completely with permanent makeup.
  • Permanent Eye Liner
  • Permanent Eye Brow
  • Permanent Lips

Permanent Makeup Salon, Micro-blading Services in Coral Gables, Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Mani and Pedi's

Our manicurists and pedicurists specialize in the art form and care of your nails and they are so talented and focused on their work.

We use O·P·I®, essie® and ZOYA® nail polishes and Shellac™ and Gelish® color coats for a top notch manicure and pedicure that will last!

If you’re in a rush, we offer a 25-Minute Quick Mani/Pedi so you can stop in quickly and leave with pretty hands and feet. Ask about our Hot Stone CARITA pedicure. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and feeling new.

Visit our official YouTube channel to watch our manicurist and pedicurist in action and see how meticulous they are.

  • Regular Manicure
  • Regular Pedicure
  • Mini Spa Pedicure
  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Spa Manicure
  • Shellac + Manicure
  • Shellac + Pedicure
  • Pedicure + Callus Treatment
  • Paraffin Hands
  • Paraffin Feet
  • Polish Change Hands/Feet each
  • Gel Removal
  • Refills Regular
  • Refills Pink & White
  • Full-set Regular
  • Full-set Pink & White

Stylish Manicures in Coral Gables, Manicure Specialists, Mani / Pedi Spa Services, Professional Manicures, Avant-Garde Spa Manicures


Re-hydrate your Skin and Remove those Impurities

Why we are the only choice for a facial in Coral Gables, Brickell or Miami...

Our Beauticians are some of the most talented and skilled in performing luxury facials. Avant Garde is located in the heart of Coral Gables on Miracle Mile.

We are an exclusive provider of Carita Facials in South Florida at our Salon and Spa. In addition to, we offer an array of distinctive that clean, and to promote clear and well-hydrated skin. We offer an excellent oxygen facial to stimulate and feed the skin so new collagen growth can occur.

We welcome both women and men to try our facial services. Our luxurious spa will surely keep you relaxed during your visit with us while you get a massage and facial.

Get an anti aging facial treatments for skin conditioning and deep pore cleansing.

Our facials are performed with the best skin care products and made for sensitive skin.

Remove dead skin cells by cleansing and exfoliation removing to remove sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Get healthy skin with chemical peels and deep cleansing facials, removing dead skin cells.

  • Avant-Garde Signature Facial
  • Carita Intense Hydrating Facial
  • Carita Cotton Softness Facial
  • Carita Balancing Purify Facial
  • Carita Anti-Aging & Firming
  • Carita 24K Gold Facial
  • Carita Pro-lift
  • Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial
  • Eyes Treatment

Spa Services

Body care services and beauty services centrally in Miami for soothing Facials and Massage Services

Wedding Services

We make wedding days unforgettable. Ladies, customize your own beauty celebration for your wedding! We specialize in updo’s, makeup services, nail care, waxing and facials for wedding parties so you can just combine any of these services for your own unique beautification and spa experience.

Schedule your event in our Salon where you and your guests will relax and have all your beauty needs catered to. We've been serving wedding parties for over 30 years and know how to take care of a Bride-to-Be. We have many professional Stylists to handle all of your guests at the same time.

Important recommendation to the Bride

  • Wash your hair the day before the wedding and do not blow dry your hair too straight to have a better stay for your all big day.

The trial is absolutely necessary. An up do is not an everyday hair style, in most of the case you need to try several styles to know which one will be yours. On your wedding day you are under stress and have a lot of last minute details to take care of, it is not a good day to decide about your hair style or makeup style

  • When you come with a picture that you find on the internet or in a Bridal Magazine, always have a plan B to give us a chance to help you and offer you another option... (for example, the models up-do's may look more defined on blond hair, or her hair texture & hair abundance etc may be different)

Bridal packages can include:

  • Hair styling
  • Trial Makeup
  • Hydration Facial
  • French Manicure & Pedicure
  • Final Hairstyle & Makeup and Airbrush Makeup
  • Bride Hairstyle & Bride Makeup
  • Bridesmaid Hairstyle & Bridesmaid Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup

Avant-Garde is known for providing the best salon bridal packages. Hair Salon Wedding Team pamper brides and bridesmaids to look their absolute best.

How to have the perfect wedding

Visit our Wedding page to learn more on Salon and Beauty Services for Weddings (Brides, Grooms, and Bridesmaids)